Food and Environmental Allergies

Allergy Clearance: The Next Era of Health Care

I arrived in Charleston, SC, over thirteen years ago. My patients would say, "I love the results I get from holistic care, but what about my allergies? Can you help my allergies?" The answer is yes. Fortunately, today there is NAET. NAET gives us the ability to clear our allergies without reactions or symptoms, often permanently!! Wow, that's a bold statement! I stand by it, because I have seen it work effectively thousands of times. The new era of health care is upon us.

Familiar examples of allergy reactions are nasal / sinus allergies such as dust mite and cat hair allergies or hay fever. The NAET allergy clearance is a process of re-programming the body's response mechanism to allergies so the body no longer reacts to the allergen. Why not fix these inappropriate allergenic responses instead of just treating them by suppressing the symptoms with antihistamines and other drugs. The wonderful part of NAET is that you can correct these allergenic reactions and many more.

The Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) was developed in the 1970's by Dr. Devi Nambudripad and is today used by thousands of doctors world wide. It is a combination of kinesiology, oriental medicine (meridian science with acupressure) and quantum physics. Although NAET is only 40+ years old, the success of oriental science using the meridian systems is more than 4000 years old.

The concept of re-programming the body is new. Due to the information age being brought on by computers, the general population is developing a better understanding of the fundamentals of the body's electrical communication system. The theoretical mechanism for the success of NAET is thought to be the re-programming of the body's recognition and immune system response causing it to be less hyperactive. This is accomplished by holding the allergenic substance during the re-programming adjustment and then remaining in avoidance of this same substance for up to 25 hours.

150 years ago, if I were to tell you that the dysentery and diarrhea you suffered was due to microbes in the water, you would have called me crazy, maybe even tried to burn me at the stake for heresy. If I told you 50 years ago that the body is programmable, you would have called me crazy again. Now we know these are both true. We are entering the next era of health care.

Infection vs. Inflammation

Simply put, most inflammation does not occur due to an infection. An infection will generally bring abdust 20miteout an elevated white blood cell count and an increase in body temperature. Inflammation usually has neither of these conditions present, but may exhibit an elevated temperature at the site of an injury such as a sprained ankle. A sprained ankle produces inflammation and so does an allergy reaction. Most of us think of an allergy as a runny nose or itchy eyes, but the vast majority of allergy reactions are due to airborne allergens and foods with the reactions occurring internally. To complicate things further, the site of the allergenic inflammation may not be same as the site of the allergenic exposure. As an example, dairy and milk react in the intestines, but the site of the inflammation is often the sinuses.

The Mayo Clinic at a 1999 symposium put forth their findings that a person can have three different reactions occurring at the same location in the body at the same time. Using chronic sinusitis from mold / fungus as an example, they found that a person can have a fungal infection, an allergy to the fungal infection, and have an allergenic reaction to the white blood cell components that specifically attack the fungal infection. In other words, three separate reactions happening at the same site at the same time. If we look at treating only one of the reactions, then it might seem that "it did not work", because the symptoms might still be there. Regretfully, at this point, "old school" doctors will resort to antibiotics because, "it must be some kind of bacterial infection that has been overlooked". An NAET practitioner will determine the inappropriate allergic responses and eliminate each of them, so that the fungal infection can be treated and ended with minimal time and discomfort.

NAET Allergy Clearance Can Save Lives

Why is allergy clearance so important? Two reasons: first, not all inflammation is an infection requiring an antibiotic. Taking antibiotics erroneously has severe consequences. As a culture, we have already experienced the "golden age" of antibiotics. Discovered in the 1920's, antibiotics were hailed as the "cure of cures". By the late 1980's, as reported by Newsweek and Time magazines, science discovered that we were wrong. Antibiotics did not work as well as we had hoped and antibiotic resistant "super bugs" became more commonplace due to the overuse of antibiotics when in fact, the original problem was often an allergenic reaction. Second, when tissue becomes chronically swollen or inflamed (for more than a few days) it begins a process of calcification known as sclerosis. Some examples are arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, scleroderma and sclerosis of the liver. When a tissue calcifies, it stops performing its function. This, in turn, can produce very serious, life threatening conditions. Our goal is to stop the inflammation by stopping the allergenic reaction before it stops you.

Here's a question. We are accustomed to the "all or none view point". We understand what a full blown allergenic reaction feels like, but what if the reaction is only a 10% or 50% reaction. What does it feel like then? What if we have several "partial reactions" all happening at the same time? Individually, these might not bother us, but combined they can make for a bad day, even though one cannot put their finger on the exact problem.


NAET is non-invasive and very safe. The NAET practitioner stimulates and reprograms nerve pathways and elements of the nervous system through various advanced kinesiology, acupressure, and vibrational techniques while the patient is lying down and holding a sample of the allergenic substance. There are no dangerous 'side-effects'. NAET deals with the allergy problem of health at the deeper level of its root cause, rather than the conventional medical approach of scratch testing and allergy shots. Most people prefer to fix a problem rather than continuously treating it. With all these benefits and the prospect of solving some of your deeper health issues, isn't time you had an NAET check-up?