My initial reason for contacting Dr. Gwinnup in November 2010 was a serious case of plaque psoriasis on both elbows. They were raw, bleeding and unsightly. I had to wear either long-sleeved shirts throughout the summer or cover up both elbows with several large bandaids per elbow. I had no success with the various steroid creams prescribed by several dermatologists that I had seen over the past five months. If anything, the creams seemed to exacerbate the condition; I also knew deep inside me that stuff could not be good for my immune system. (Even getting more vitamin D from 15 minute exposure to the sun each day did not help.)

In addition to the above, I also had a maddening case of vertigo (dizziness) and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I found it difficult to relax or even sleep at night because of such distractions. I previously had consulted an otolaryngologist (ENT) physician who performed a comprehensive exam. He could find no reason why my ears were ringing. The audiologist with his practice said my hearing was in the top ten percentile for my age group. That was good news but still did not help me with my problem. I left his office feeling even more frustrated than when I came in.

At my first office visit, Dr. Gwinnup listened to the list of my concerns. He then ordered some labs and performed allergy testing to get a better feel for what was going on with me. Treatment ensued from that point consisting of spinal and cervical adjustments and allergy reprogramming to help alleviate my symptoms which stemmed from hormonal imbalances, food allergies, and a case of candida. I noticed dramatic results within the next six weeks. My vertigo disappeared and the tinnitus lessened a lot. You can handle every day activities a lot better with a decent night sleep! And my family and friends cannot believe the improvement to my elbows. I now proudly show them off to people who remember what they used to look like. Now I can even wear short-sleeved shirts without embarrassment (if the weather allows for it).

My next challenges will be to combat a case of candida and osteoporosis. Due to the spinal and cervical adjustment I have received, I am now able to go to yoga class which is of benefit to people with osteoporosis. (I tried yoga back in October but my balance issues along with the need for spinal/cervical adjustment prevented me from receiving any benefit from the postures.) I am optimistic as to the outcome of treatment for these conditions as well. I am in control of my body again instead of allowing it to control me. I am in tune once again to my inner process with the help of Dr. Gwinnup.

Thank you!

Sharon L.