April 10, 2004

Dear Bruce,

Just a note of appreciation for your amazing insights and great skills that have impacted my life so profoundly over this past year and a half.

A year and a half ago when my brother, Jim and his wife Jan, referred me into your office during my vacation trip I had no idea you would touch on so many areas of my body parts and whole human system! As you may recall my most glaring struggle at that point was on-going painfully impactful urinary tract discomfort. I had previously been diagnosed with infection that had headed from my bladder toward my kidneys…it had been successfully treated the year before with antibiotics. However, the flare up I'd had before my trip tested in California by my Urologist and no bacteria was found. In spite of that he provided me with more antibiotics. That made no sense to me at all… I did not take that next round of the medications. I had struggled the entire month of December during my extended vacation to Europe and then I got you.

Your allergy and chiropractic treatments coupled with the simple diagnosis of my highly acidic body state and consequent alkaline diet and supplements you pointed me toward has eliminated the problem! It also seems to have ameliorated other related difficulties I'd had for 20 years with constantly inflamed and painful prostate.

In addition, your guidance to the new study regarding tremors and the successful implications of massive clinical doses of CoQ 10, vitamin E, and Omega 3's, have reduced my hand tremors tremendously! Last weekend I taught a graduate course in Northern California to a group of educators I'd worked with a couple of years ago. Two years ago during the original class I had to have some of the educators do the writing on the board because of my tremors were so bad my handwriting was completely illegible to them! Last weekend this same group was amazed when they didn't have to do my writing for me. My writing is totally legible now and they easily read my board work!

To back this up I took my vitamins and supplements into my doctor here in Santa Barbara last year and described what you had done. I showed him my new diet regimen and bluntly asked him if he was concerned and would I hurt myself with it. He checked my tremors, listened to my self report report regarding the urinary problems, reviewed my plunging cholesterol count (down from 325 to 172) and asked me, "How do we get Bruce Gwinnup to Sana Barbara???!!!

Thank you Bruce, I continue to do really well and thanks for your magical tune-up this March!


Devereaux L.

Thank God For Dr. Gwinnup!

I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Bruce Gwinnup as my doctor because he truly cares about my health and how I feel. While most other doctors are only concerned about prescribing some drug to cover up aches and pains, Dr. Gwinnup instead treats the source of the aches and pains to eliminate them altogether. What a novel approach- and it works!

In the three years that I have been his patient, Dr. Gwinnup has done wonders for me. My sinus infections are all but gone, my blood pressure is lower, my bladder infection is gone – I could go on and on. I am so much more in tune with what my body is telling me every day thanks to what Dr. Gwinnup has shared with me about the effects of allergies.

What I appreciate so much about Dr.Gwinnup is the passion that he has for what he does. Now if I can just get him to move down here to Louisiana ------

Wayne B.

Gray, Louisiana