March 21, 2007

Hey Bruce,

I just wanted to let you know that this spring has been the most enjoyable sinus free spring I can remember. Instead of waiting until I was miserable before having you clear me up, this year our early prevention in the first week of March has made a huge difference. Between the NAET and a daily herbal decongestant, I can only laugh at the layers of pollen as I work in my garden and enjoy the warming weather.

Thanks again,

John A.

NAET Really Works To Eliminate Allergies

Severe allergies had been a way of life for me. I suffered with chronic sinus infections and was having bronchitis two or three times a year. I was always on some sort of medication, (usually, an antibiotics, prednisone, decongestants, and anti-histimines). After an allergist tested me using traditional methods, he found my major allergies were dust and cigarette smoke and I was given two allergy shots, twice a week for years. It helped a little, but I was required to be constantly on medication.

I then decided to try the holistic approach to health with Dr. Gwinnup. I must admit, I was very skeptical about the MSA and NAET process. The first MSA testing verified that I was, in fact, allergic to dust and cigarette smoke and a whole host of other things. Since the testing results paralleled the MD test results and revealed even more, what did I have to lose?

I have now been cleared of allergies using NAET for four years. I have not taken any allergy medications in this time period. In fact, I only had one cold in four years, no sinus infections or bronchitis. Personally I think it is remarkable and I highly recommend the process to anyone.

Admittedly, I still do not fully understand how NAET works, but it works!


Dale S.

Thank God For Dr. Gwinnup!

I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Bruce Gwinnup as my doctor because he truly cares about my health and how I feel. While most other doctors are only concerned about prescribing some drug to cover up aches and pains, Dr. Gwinnup instead treats the source of the aches and pains to eliminate them altogether. What a novel approach- and it works!

In the three years that I have been his patient, Dr. Gwinnup has done wonders for me. My sinus infections are all but gone, my blood pressure is lower, my bladder infection is gone I could go on and on. I am so much more in tune with what my body is telling me every day thanks to what Dr. Gwinnup has shared with me about the effects of allergies.

What I appreciate so much about Dr.Gwinnup is the passion that he has for what he does. Now if I can just get him to move down here to Louisiana ------

Wayne B.

Gray, Louisiana