Why Us ? First Things First!

Why Us? Because our Unique Approach of holistic healthcare, "First Things First", is tailored to your specific needs to find the underlying cause of your illness. Our analysis of your problem begins within areas of common denominators, that is at the foundation base of your healthus

First Things First: Everyone is unique. Our programs are tailored to each individual. Your health is like a lock. You may have the right numbers for your combination, but if they are not in the correct order, the lock does not open. That is the same with your health recovery. We achieve your health success by putting first things first, The order of the steps of your program focuses upon the common denominators and puts the steps in their correct order. First things first unlocks your health and you become well.

As an example, intestinal health. Why do I feel sick and tired? Could it be what I am eating? But I eat good foods. The intestinal problem could involve food allergies, leaky gut, Candida overgrowth, parasites, digestive enzyme deficiency, biofilm, toxic overload, heavy metals, malabsorption, nutritional deficiency, pH, blood type, subluxation, dietary changes, emotional issues. All are applicable, but which one first?

As a Chiropractic Internist (DABCI). Dr. Gwinnup's training enables him to customize your health program to you.

Stop feeling sick and tired and begin your regaining your health today!