One year ago I came to Dr. Gwinnup with headaches I had for 20 years. My headaches seemed to be getting worse and were interfering in my family life. After allergy testing, clearing and spinal adjustments my headaches decreased in both frequency and intensity. I was thrilled and felt like I had my life back.

During the same time my baby Joe, who has Down Syndrome, was learning to move and interact just like any other child only slower. However, as he approached his first birthday I noticed other children with Downs seemed to be progressing quicker than Joe motorically. He was also often fussy and didn't seem alert or motivated to play. A circus could come through the room and Joe wouldn't care. He didn't reach for toys. The only things he really cared about were food and people. In addition, he had a rash on and off since birth. His therapists and I kept saying "what are we doing wrong, we are missing something." I knew there was more going on in his little body than Downs. Finally, at age 20 months, I brought Joe to Dr. Gwinnup. Dr. Gwinnup tested Joe for allergies and cleared those he found. He also performed spinal manipulation. The next day the rash he had all of his life disappeared. Three days later after practicing crawling for one year he began crawling!! Joe started communicating and reaching for toys. He is so much happier now with continued treatment and diet modification. I feel like we gave him a new life. I tell everyone I see Dr. Gwinnup's treatment in hopes that they will also search out ways to solve their physical problems and empower themselves with a life full of good health.

Dawn D.

Mt. Pleasant, SC