We found Dr. Bruce on the Internet as a NAET practitioner. We had tried many various allergy elimination protocols and were intrigued by a technique that did not use needles. Sounding too good to be true, we called and asked for an appointment.

At the time we found Dr. Bruce, our 5 year old son, William was not talking, had little or no receptive language, was extremely hyperactive, had poor eye contact, and exhibited many of the usual characteristics associated with autism. Dr. Bruce was willing to help us help William. He recommended NAET. William did respond to the NAET, and was subsequently cleared for 100's of allergens.

As time went on, we wanted to try chelation therapy for suspected mercury toxicity. Dr. Bruce faithfully guided us through this journey being available to us night and day as we were "out on the frontier," as he affectionately referred to what we were doing. Not many people had done chelation with children, and we became very much a team in figuring out what we were doing. Again, William responded getting closer and closer to the recovery we so eagerly sought.

There were times along the way when William or his sister, Brittany would become sick from a cold or virus. "Meet me in my office in 3 hours," he'd say. We'd load up from Aiken, drive to Charleston, and Dr. Bruce would clear the cold or virus.

Our whole family has benefited from Dr. Bruce's care. My husband, John had terrible problems associated with allergies his whole life. Imagine his delight just this past weekend in being able to not only walk in scent filled Bath and Body Works, but to be able to let Brittany purchase and bring into our home a spiced apple scented candle for Mother's Day. NAET did work wonders for John as well.

Autism affects each victim differently. Traditional medical therapies do not yield the results we were seeking. Therapies that work with one autistic person might or might not work with another autistic person. We tried many different therapies with William. Some therapies worked, and other therapies did not. Dr. Bruce helped us pull the results we had together in a way we could understand and benefit from. His holistic approach helped us get to the root causes of our son's illness.

William is presently 10 years old. Combined with strict nutritional interventions and appropriate academic support, William has overcome all of the deficits he had when we first met Dr. Bruce. William's language continues to develop, and he is well beyond the ravages of autism. Dr. Bruce provided integral tools and information to help restore William's health.

Rebecca W.